Каламбуры на английском языке

Развитие и воспитание

Каламбуры на английском языке для школьных уроков.

Смешные каламбуры – Funny Puns

  1. How should you greet the person who invented zero?
    Thank you for Nothing.
  2.  What do you call a five sitting on clouds? A High-five
  3.  What are the favorite tunes of the planets? Nep-tunes
  4.  Would February March? No, But April May.
  5.  Why does a skeleton not like recess? Because it has no Body to play with
  6. When does an astronaut eat? At Launch time
  7. How did one pencil compliment the other? You look sharp!
  8. What did the right eye say to the left eye? There is something between us, and it smells.
  9. Why do police officers like to play baseball? Because they want to get a catch
  10. How is the forest? It’s un-be-leaf-able!
  11.  What does a tree wear before going to the swimming pool? Swimming trunks
  12.  What is an Easter play called? Eggs-tra curricular activity
  13.  Why was the student studying on the terrace? To have a higher education
  14.  What’s wrong with the math book?  It is full of problems
  15. Why did the boy not use the computer? He feared it would byte him.
  16.  Why does Alice keep asking so many questions? Because Alice is in Wonderland
  17.  Name the most musical bone. Trombone
  18.  What has wheels and flies? A garbage truck
  19.  Why are the elevator jokes so good? Because they go through many levels
  20. Why did the old man fall into the well? Because he didn’t see that well

Каламбуры на день рождения – Birthday Puns

  1. How do pickles celebrate birthdays? They relish the moment.
  2.  What goes up but never comes down? Age
  3.  Which music scares birthday balloons? Pop music
  4.  Why do we place candles at the top of cakes? Because they can’t be placed at the bottom
  5. Why do our relatives never forget our birthdays? Because age is just a relative thing
  6. Why are people always warm on their birthdays? Because everyone toasts them
  7. Where can you find a birthday gift for your cat? At the catalog
  8. What did the elephant want on its birthday? A trunk filled with gifts
  9. Why do cats like to celebrate birthdays? Because cats love to Purrrrrrty!
  10. What is served at birthday parties in heaven? Angel food cake.
  11. How do cats wish each other on their birthdays? Have a pawsome birthday!
  12. How did the other animals wish the parrot on its birthday? Happy bird-day
  13. What does a cat eat on its birthday? A mice-cream
  14. How did the other animals wish the dinosaur on its birthday? You’re pretty dino-mite! Happy birthday!
  15. What does a snowman like on its birthday cake? The ice-ing
  16. What do you say to a female sheep on her birthday? Happy birthday to ewe!
  17. Why do the birthday candles never exercise? Because they burn out quickly
  18. How should you wish a tree on its birthday? Sappy birthday!
  19. How should you wish your goldfish on its birthday? Wish you a Fin-tastic day!
  20. Why did the teddy bear not eat the birthday cake? Because it was already stuffed
  21. Why do owls never exchange birthday gifts? Because they never give a hoot!

Каламбуры на английском языке про еду – Food Puns

  1. What is the difference between a pancake and a waffle? A waffle is a pancake but with abs.
  2.  What would you do if a lemon gets sick? Give it a lemon aid
  3. How does a pizza introduce itself? Slice to meet you
  4.  How do you fix a broken tomato? By using tomato paste
  5.  Where do the pepperonis go for their vacation? To the Leaning Tower of Pizza
  6.  What is a sleeping pizza called? A Pizzzzzzzzzza
  7. What does a hot dog say to a sourdough? You are my true roll model.
  8. What happens before it rains candy? It sprinkles
  9. What is the other name for a violent breakfast? Cereal killer
  10. What did the banana ask its sick friend? How are you peeling, my friend?
  11. Which veggie looks after the elderly? The carrot-aker
  12. Which candy is always late? The Choco-late
  13. When should a cookie go to the doctor? When it feels crummy
  14.  Why does the yogurt love to go to the museum? Because the yogurt is cultured
  15.  Why can’t eggs tell jokes? Because they will crack each other
  16.  Why did the tomatoes blush? They saw the salad dressing.
  17. Why do the French like snails? Because they don’t like fast food
  18.  How do you make a walnut laugh? By cracking it up
  19.  How do you make a milkshake? By giving it a good scare
  20.  What does a piece of bread say to the other? You are my butter half.
  21.  What should you say to an avocado in the morning? Avo good day!

Каламбуры на английском языке про животных – Animal Puns

  1. What do you call an alligator with a vest? An Investigator
  2.  Why did the spider turn on the computer? To check its website
  3.  Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don’t work
  4.  What would you call a horse that lives near you? A neigh-bor
  5.  Why do horses have a great physique? Because they take a Stable diet
  6.  How does a dog take a break in the middle of a movie? By pressing Paws
  7.  What did the dinosaurs use for their bathroom decoration? Reptiles
  8.  What do you call a dinosaur with good vocabulary? A Thesaurus
  9.  Why are leopards bad at playing hide and seek?  Because they always get spotted
  10.  What is a toothless bear called? A Gummy bear
  11.  Why do hummingbirds hum all the time? Because they have forgotten the words
  12.  How do cows entertain themselves? By watching Moo-vies
  13.  Which animal needs wigs? The bald eagle
  14.  What should you do if a dog chews a dictionary? Take the words out of its mouth.
  15.  Where does a mouse park its boat? At the Hickory Dickory Dock
  16.  Where does a sheep go on a vacation? Baaaahamas
  17.  What is a thief alligator call? A Crook-o-dile
  18.  What did the Dalmatian say after lunch? That hit the spot!
  19.  Which day is the most fearful day for a chicken? A Fry-day
  20.  What is a well-read cat’s favorite book? Of Mice and Men
  21.  What does a dog say after sitting on sandpaper? It’s Rufff.
  22.  Where do the polar bears go for voting?  Answer: The North Poll


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